Remedy Design Group is a creative firm that focuses on Interior & Operation Design, Branding, and Customer Experience exclusively for the emerging Retail Cannabis Industry. Our hands-on approach and unrivaled services are delivered in a three phase process: 1) Planning and Programming 2) Schematic Design 3) Design Development, each customized to meet a brand’s unique needs and ideal floor plan.

Phase 1: Planning and Programming

We will start with the operational planning segment of the project, such as determining your budget, a timeline for design, construction schedule and sequentially an opening schedule. We work closely with our clients to facilitate the forming of expectations and incorporate them into preliminary design concepts.

Phase 1 Includes:

  • Establish Overall Design Budget
  • Understand Security Plan
  • Establish Operational Requirements
    • Retail Flow / Back of House Flow
  • Establish Merchandising Plan

Planning and Programming

Phase 2: Schematic Design

Now it’s time to get CREATIVE. In the schematic design phase, we dive into research and development for the interior concept. This will allow for us to craft the story of your brand, and conceptualize the overall feel of the space. We then integrate all the essential elements of the planning and programming phase. We ensure the stores look and feel will align with the overall budget, operational needs and flow set forth in phase 1 planning and programming.

Phase 2 Includes:

  • Establish Design Strategy To Align With Brand
  • Establish Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment - Interior Space Planning
  • Integrate Visual Merchandising Plan Into FF&E & Lighting Layout Plan
  • Liaise Between Architects, Project Managers On Design Intent and Direction

Note: Liaising with an architect team is crucial in phase 2 of design. We coordinate with your architect, work to ensure the structural building will align with the design intent, as well as recommend cost-effective designs when necessary.

Schematic Design

Phase 3: Design Development

In the final phase, we bring your concept to life. After planning and designing, we now discuss and plan for incorporating the furniture, fixtures and finishes, and all the important details in this last phase. The details are what makes a location uniquely yours and how you can expect your customers to shop.

Phase 3 Includes:

  • Finalize Design Palette
    • Finishes, materials, etc
  • Visualize Merchandising & Styling
  • Source Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
  • Deliver Resources & Vendors
    • Custom casework, millwork, & metalwork, etc
Design Development